New citizens

New Citizens


All residents (not visitors or tourists) who receive for the first time a legal permit to stay in the Faroes must register at the municipality. For further information about applications and permits to stay, please visit

The registration to Klaksvík Municipality takes place in Miðlan at Nólsoyar Pálsgøta 32 in Klaksvík, opening hours are Monday to Friday 10.00-16.00.

If you are relocating to a new municipality in the Faroes, you must inform us that you are moving and register again at your new municipality. This condition applies also if you decide to relocate outside of the Faroes and do not plan to return to live.


Klaksvík is also known as the fishing capital. Many individuals here are part of the fishing industry. In fact, the largest employers in Klaksvík, hire individuals to work in the fish factory or fishermen or women to work on fishing vessels.

Other main areas of employment are with daycares, schools, elderly care, and the hospital. These areas generally employ people with qualifications related to the field. You can also find businesses in the banking industry, supermarkets, and other various sectors you may consider. Please note that some education degree-related positions require to have Faroese/ Danish or recognized degrees. 

Education Degree Recognition

In the Faroe Islands, certain job positions require qualifications that are recognized by Denmark’s standards in order to be hired for the position (i.e. medical field). Generally, all foreign qualifications have been assessed and recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science in Denmark.

Recently, Fróðskapasetur Føroya began assessing and recognizing in the education fields they manage such as nursing.

Each employer and work sector has different requirements so it is important to also check to see what requirements or conditions they have before you begin your qualification recognition process.