About Klaksvík Municipality

Welcome to Klaksvík Municipality

The first settlements of the Northern Isles date back to the Viking era. Here people have lived and laboured, making do with what could be forged from nature. However, early in the 20th century, the isles experienced a boom at the centre of which was Klaksvík. The town soon became a driving force of economic and social progress in the Faroes. Seizing new opportuinities in fishing, gifted entrepeneurs drew many people to the area. A vibrant and diverse industry and business sector remain the backbone of the municipality, providing interesting and challenging job opportunities. 

As the population grew and times changed, people felt the need for a variety of activities - sports, arts, religion and leisure activities. And here Klaksvík has also been on the forefront. A modern and recently expanded aqua centre, sports halls, gymnastics halls and a football field are among the facilities that frame an active sports and leisure life in the town. 

The municipality also boasts a vibrant arts and culture scene. The biggest music festival in the country, the Summer Festival, is held annually in Klaksvík. Among the many other events on offer are the Northern Isles Festival, the Day of the Sailor and Days of Torri (celebrating a fishing season). To ensure new experiences within arts and culture, Klaksvík continues to better the working conditions for various clubs, societies and others in the municipality's rich cultural life. 

Klaksvík is a highly developed municipality that offers its citizens quality schooling, daycare, youth activities, elder care and other services. Here people of all ages thrive and visitors enjoy our welcoming communities. 

Northern Islanders are often called local patriots. Perhaps, but it only means we are an enterprising lot, want to create a good place to live, seek opportunities and stand united to reach our goals. And we should never forget that just such energy is a driving force that in the end benefits all.