There are six daycares located in Klaksvík serving children from as early as 8-9 months to seven years old, please see below for an overview and contact information. You will find all daycares provide an excellent standard of service with each daycare having its own unique character. If your child attends a daycare, you are required to pay per child all months regardless of the child not attending for periods of time, the list of charges is available here.                                             

If you move to Klaksvík Municipality with your child, you will need to come to Miðlan to register to a daycare. You will be asked to write top three daycares and we will do our best to provide you with your top choice. Please note that there is no guarantee to your choices.

If you give birth here in the Faroes, you will receive a letter from the municipality inquiring about your choice of daycares. You can fill out the form and either hand it by person or send it by mail.


For children age 0-7 years. Mylnuhúsið is located in three different buildings: 

Mylnuhúsið at Mylnugøta 10, telephone: 457788

Gerðastova at Heygavegur 7, kj., telephone: 237714

Útistova at Skótahúsið úti í Grøv, telephone: 237715


For children age 5-7 years. 

Fjallafípan is located úti í Grøv.

Undir Brekkuenda 5, telephone: 458415 and 284538

Barnahúsið Margit

For children age 0-7 years. 

Barnahúsið Margit is located at Traðagøta 31, telephone: 474530


For children age 0-6 years.

Blákollan is located in Kjalarvegur 30, telephone: 458866

Drotning Margrethu barnagarður

For children age 0-7 years.

Dr. Margrethu Barnagarður is located in Gerðagøta 12, telephone: 4555557


Dagrøktin is for children age 0-3 and has different locations in the homes of the 14 different daycare workers. The joined location for all the daycare groups is á Brekku 36, telephone: 456385 

Snjallabjalla - after school

The after school-offer Snjallabjalla is for children in 1st and 2nd grade and is located in the public school-area at Skúlavegur 1, telephone: 455088.

Snjallabjalla is open weekdays from 11.00 - 17.00 and the monthly fee is kr. 1070,- (July and August are free of charge).